River of Life

Released: 2009

Director: Igor Byshnev

Composer: Vladimir Sivitsky

Genre: popular science.

Philosophical and poetic story of the life of man and nature in all seasons, of Her Majesty's
the river that gives life and is itself part of human life. We each have our own river. No matter what - the Dnieper or Nieman, Dvina or Sog, Bug and Pripyat. Any of them - a unique treasure. Was such a treasure to the river Berezina Anatoliy Bukharkina - the original artist of the Berezinsky Reserve. Viewers will hear the story of his life associated with the river and its reflections on the beauty of the human soul, the need for unity between man and nature.

Жизнь как река / Life is like a river

4:30 minutes (8.23 MB)

Жизнь реки / Life of river

1:57 minutes (3.56 MB)